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A little story about myself.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Lars Luiten. I am a graphic designer specialized in corporate identity, living and working in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. Since I was young I have always enjoyed drawing and being busy with creative projects. After high school I started studying graphic design at SiNTLUCAS. Designing isn’t just work for me, its my hobby day after day.

My passion is to design complete new concepts, elements or work with existing identities. First I would like to listen careful to your wishes and discuss the goals behind the project. I make designs with a thought behind it, not just to make it look ‘good’. It should hit the target audience so everything comes into place.

If you’d like to talk about collaborating on a design project, or if you have any questions, It’ll be a pleasure to hear from you.



Illustrator - 95%

95% Complete

Photoshop - 95%

95% Complete

Indesign - 95%

95% Complete

Wordpress - 85%

85% Complete

Premiere - 80%

80% Complete

After Effects - 80%

80% Complete




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What do i do?

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity of an organisation or company is a consistent presentation to the outside world, often the first introduction for clients. It is important that the visual identity provides your organisation with visibility and recognizability.

Logo design

A logo is the most important visual identity signifying an organization. We will go back to the essence of your organisation to create a strong concept, and design a logo that will associate with the vision of your company.


A website is often the first place where your customer comes to know more about your company, therefore it is essential that it perfectly matches the identity of your organisation. I will help you make it innovative and attractive.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.

~ Scott Adams




+31 6 31 39 61 33


Bakhuis 4, 4873DD Etten-Leur


Feel free to contact me!